New World Men concentrate on the sound solely, paying hommage to Canada’s greatest band: RUSH. Not trying to replicate the looks or theatrics, just the vibe of the classic records on stage.

At some point during the winter of 2014, Martin Levac (of the Musical Box and Dance Into The Light fame) encouraged his good friend Marc (a world-class studio engineer and accomplished bass player) to pursue his dream of putting together a Rush tribute band, with no other reason than to have a great time playing great music. Marc then turned to fellow guitarist Frank (who, to this day, tours regularly with Levac on bass duties) with the premise of combining their skills to recreate studio magic live, on stage.

At Marc’s 40th birthday, the two decided to pair with a very talented (albeit non-montrealer) drummer to jam out some tunes. Some Rush was played, of course, but also others such as Muse, Tool, etc. Over the next few months, the three had varying opportunities to get together and try out more sequences and tones with awesome results! It was apparent however, that a local guy would be preferable and long-time drumming partner Mathieu was added to the roster.

For obvious reasons, every Rush tribute band sees the bass player on vocals and, as such, Marc was to sing Geddy’s lines. Lo and behold, Matt’s take on the iconic Geddy’s vocals was simply jaw-dropping. New World Men as you know it was born of the following jam sessions in early summer 2014 and the limits of technique and technology keep getting pushed to offer its audience an unbelievable multimedia experience.